Social responsibility

We think ahead.

Inapa: Soziale Verantwortung

We see the big picture. We continue to develop, work on sustainable ideas and get involved in social projects. We can only sustain our success if we think long-term. 

Mitarbeitende tauschen sich über den Inapa Verhaltenskodex aus

The Inapa Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is at the heart of our success. By following high ethical standards, we create a positive atmosphere for good cooperation. For us, this means acting honestly and putting integrity into action. 

Weiterentwicklung und Engagement der Inapa Belegschaft

Further development and commitment of our workforce

People are what Inapa is all about. As a company, we can only get better by continuing our training, breaking new ground and working together on our future. Everyone is able and permitted to get involved in the following projects and initiatives.

Das soziale Engagement der Inapa

Social commitment

We want to get involved in society and have a positive influence on the places where we operate. All employees are encouraged to participate actively by promoting social initiatives and supporting charitable causes. As a company, we are involved in the following projects...

Viva con Agua - Water for All

We work with a product that naturally uses large amounts of water in its production. At the same time, we know that over 700 million people worldwide do not have secure access to clean drinking water.

Viva con Agua supports water projects worldwide and pursues the vision of all people having access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation. We support this project. We drink Viva con Agua mineral water at many Inapa locations. Part of the proceeds goes directly into the association’s project work.

And we are proud that a large part of the association’s print media is printed on our paper.

SOS Children’s Villages

Countless families around the world live below the poverty line. Millions of children worldwide have to live without parents. Poverty, violence and war, disasters and diseases like AIDS break up families – the ones who suffer most are the children.

We want to do something about this and have therefore been committed to the SOS Children’s Villages project in Bolivia for almost 20 years. With a monthly contribution, we have so far taken on a total of three sponsorships for one child each in La Paz, thus giving them the chance of a real future.


When children fall seriously ill, it affects the whole family. The Katharinenhöhe Rehabilitation Clinic in the Black Forest is therefore dedicated to the rehabilitation of children and young people together with their families.

We have been supporting Katharinenhöhe for more than 20 years. Through the cent donation scheme, we were able to raise over €1,500 in 2022. Participating employees have their monthly salary rounded down to full euro contributions and the remaining cent amount is donated.

Hamburg Leuchtfeuer

Giving seriously ill and dying people a quiet place of refuge without being cut off from life is the mission of Hamburg Leuchtfeuer. The non-profit company operates a hospice in Hamburg’s Sankt Pauli district.

The chef from the hospice previously worked in gourmet restaurants and has published some of his recipes in a cookbook to mark the 25th anniversary of the hospice. The proceeds go entirely to running the hospice, and we support this and other planned projects with paper donations.